About BEDB

The Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) is the official body corporate established pursuant to the Brunei Economic Development Act (Chapter 104, Laws of Brunei Darussalam).

The BEDB plays a role in growing and diversifying Brunei Darussalam’s economy towards achieving Wawasan Brunei 2035 by focusing on strategic initiatives that will contribute towards economic development through the increase of export-oriented industries as well as spin-off opportunities for local businesses, thereby providing more employment for locals.

The BEDB conducts high quality research on national economic development initiatives that generate economic benefits to Brunei Darussalam, analyses the findings and makes strategic recommendations.

The BEDB also acts as a frontline agency to facilitate foreign investment into the country and will work closely with investors to understand their business needs. The BEDB will assist in providing information on the local investment climate, developmental requirements, laws and regulations, cost of doing business and project specific information.


"Brunei Darussalam’s economic strength, geographic location, stability, focus on safety, low tax rates and strong relationship with its ASEAN neighbours all contributed to CAE’s decision to make a significant investment in establishing a world-class multi-purpose training centre in Brunei Darussalam."

Rozman Junaidi, Training Centre Manager, CAE Brunei MPTC Sdn Bhd

"We chose Brunei Darussalam because of its political stability, solid IP protection laws and availability of highly educated young people."

Johan Poole-Johnson, Commercial Director, Sengenics (B) Sdn Bhd

"Unlike other parts of the muslim region, Brunei has a safe and healthy environment for us to make Simpor Pharma an internationally recognised household name. we aim to boost Brunei Darussalam’s GDP & contribute towards the diversification of the economy."

Edward Ko, Managing Director, Simpor Pharma Sdn Bhd